In my writings I have often emphasized the importance of intuition in navigating through life.

I’ve slowly developed this muscle simply by listening to the signs of my body, like the knot in my gut, the goose bumps, the subtle smell of danger.

Trusting those signs has helped me more times than I can count.

And so this is where it gets interesting… Thinking that us women, wild women are mainly the ones who are connected to our physical wisdom, I was recently truly surprised.

I had a stalker situation. The man showed up at my work place just as I finished teaching yoga. He made it look like a coincidence that we ran into each other, but to me it felt very uncomfortable and I had that knot in my gut.


In search for advice, I reached out to a male friend who is an FBI agent and said something to the extent of: “I know I need solid proof and that we can’t base it on my intuition…”, he immediately interrupted me and said, “you are doing the absolute right thing to follow your intuition. It’s one of our strongest tools as agents”.

My jaw dropped… Did I hear him correctly? An FBI agent following his intuition?! He called it the “hair on the back of his neck”.

Many small puzzle pieces aligned for me when I heard that. I instantly felt protected, empowered, not alone.

Intuition is the Universe’s way of communicating with us. It’s our physical intelligence to resource from. It’s a navigator. A compass.


Close your eyes, pay attention to how it feels, trust and allow it to guide you.