Being vs. Doing

• • •
Teachers come in many forms and in my case often in the form of a sweet child.
I vividly remember taking this picture of my son Shia. No caption is needed since he’s clearly expressing his feelings in the moment.
He is being with it.
He isn’t asking me for anything nor is he trying to find a solution.
• •
I recall how that moment has affected me and how I used to go about my struggles at the time. I would feel frustration and still put a smile on my face, not because I was faking it or hiding my true state of heart but because I thought that taking action would make the feeling go away faster.
• •
When I keep the shutter of my camera open longer, the image is not sharp and clear as with a high shutter speed but instead it’s so incredibly rich with colors and movement, and an overall more mysterious and intriguing feel.
Why not let myself be in that frame for a bit?
Being with the sadness, vulnerability and uncertainty doesn’t mean I am powerless or lost.
By realizing this important fact and by letting go of the need to pull myself out of it, I’ve discovered a more real me, my frailties, my strengths, my greatness, and my beauty.

You know what else? It doesn’t last too long.
Shia too was up and running within minutes and didn’t look back.