Ask the question

Let’s take a look at the big picture.
What happens when one cell in our body decides to selfishly exclude itself from the rest? Correct, cancer happens.
If all cells in the body work in harmonious unison, cells give and receive, we enjoy a strong and healthy body.
It’s a reflection of humanity today. We are plagued by social cancer, simply because we either dissonantly exclude ourselves or hatefully exclude others.
But there is no “them”, there’s only “us”. Do you see it? We are one global “body”.
There are Laws of Nature. An operating system. Nothing in nature takes more than it needs and it works perfectly! Look at the beauty, the harmony, the clear roles and purposes, the connections, adaptations, colors and seasons. Unfortunately we have pulled away from it. Ego has.
• • •
Well, there’s a solution against that type of cancer and that’s: GLOBAL UNITY. Love. We come from love we thrive with love and go back to love.
The same way the HEART is essential for the body to survive, LOVE is essential for humanity to thrive.

The 2 ways we can get there:
1. RUNNING AWAY FROM THE BAD: Moving ahead through a negative force that’s constantly pushing us from behind.
2. BEING DRAWN TO THE GOOD: Moving ahead through a positive force that pulls us. Taking a wild adventure by following what feels good.

One choice lets us hit rock bottom and then rise from there (for example an orange tyrant gets elected which ignites a civil war and perhaps world war, everything goes to shit, we fall, we rebuild) and the other choice…. We make a conscious decision to evolve, to tap into our Higher wisdom and to take action now by studying and working within nature’s “operating system”.

I’ve said it before… Listen to the whisper. There’s a much bigger purpose to your existence than to be on “repeat” mode.
It’s in the whisper, in the heart, in the form of love.

It’s time to ask the question.