The Story of the Warrioress

I’m right here, feeling as if I should be someplace else.

There’s a metal fence to my right and a moving train on the other side of it.

I want to be on that moving train, desperately trying to catch up, unsure if I should jump over or wait for an opening in the fence.

Hesitation ignites frustration.

They can’t see me nor hear my cries.

I can’t bear it! But I must keep going.

The patterns of the fence start changing, loosening, as I begin to remember – that I do things differently, that I don’t belong on that train, and that I’ve been on the right side of the fence all along.

I look ahead… The fence is disappearing from my periphery and the train transforms into a million particles.

Calm washes over me.

The child now trusts in the leader in me.

She can unload the burden of the illusion of responsibility and just be… Soft.

I remember why I’m walking and where I’m headed.

I follow the light of the celestial moon, calling in

Eagle – the spirit of heart and courage,

Owl – the all seeing night eagle

and all the ones who know.

In the knowing, the truth of the Warrioress is now revealed.