Walk On

I’ve spent the first part of the day crying.

A genuine heart-breaking sob.

Then, loving birthday messages from all of you started pouring in (and it’s only noon!) and I started regaining my sanity. Partialy ok?

The land is visibly shaking and is being violated on so many levels, which is really hard to accept.

But the problem-solving part in me is screaming “OK we got fucked! what do we do now?! This degrading, anger-filled, greedy, ego driven nightmare just started! What can I do?”

Let’s give ourselves some time to mourn this and get right back to work.

Focusing on him and the hatred will not birth anything valuable.

Because clearly the soil is fucking rotten and cannot contain anything healthy.

So let’s nurse us, the people, and the land back to health first.

This is a call to all of you ‘Warriors of Love’ to join me in using the next 4 years to prepare the soil for the real “tall, solid and colorful Tree” that will then be ready to be planted.

Let’s keep spreading messages and actions of LOVE and UNITY and fulfill our life’s work by doing what we do best: