La La Land

This isn’t another success story, like that of a homeless man who turned CEO or a woman who’s overcome abuse and completely transformed her life.
This success story that I’m talking about, is still in the making. It’s happening as we speak. It’s the story of a single mother with a clear calling and the primal drive of a hungry Lioness. It’s my story.
Despite a rather rough start, I never thought I had it bad. I am tough today because I had to be tough as a child, which I consider a major asset.
However the bullying, jealousy, judgments, shaming and I-know-what’s-right-for-you-opinions still pop up from time to time and mostly from people who are or used to be close to me.
Here are some of the broken records:
“Aren’t you too old to do this? “Maybe it’s time to give up on your dream and get a 9-5.”
“You know, it’s very competitive and very few make it.”
“What’s your deadline? What’s your plan B?”
And my favorite: “You live in La La Land!”
What exactly do they think ‘La La Land’ is?….
If you’re implying that I have to get ‘real’ and stop daydreaming, then let me tell you that I wake up before the sun rises, I pack lunches, dress my beautiful kids and bring them to school and then I grind, grind, grind! Auditions, callbacks, shoot days, meetings, dinner prep and then back at it.
I have big weights on my shoulders… the weight of the fate of three lives. Not one day goes by without me worrying about their well-being.
Aside From the physical and emotional guidance I am also responsible for showing them how it’s doneā€¦
By marching head-on toward my dreams and manifesting them while they witness it all. ALL of it.
I must lead by example… by example of courage!
Truth is, I have fears that I’m too old or too different, that I won’t ever find true love, fear of letting my kids down, fear of not being seen and heard. But I don’t let it stop me, I let it drive me harder. My fears may be valid, but so are my dreams.
Just because other people have limiting beliefs about my abilities, does not mean I have to take them on too.
So… yeah! I probably do live in La La Land… And I laugh because it really is a fabulous place to be!