La La Land

This isn’t another success story, like that of a homeless man who turned CEO or a woman who’s overcome abuse and completely transformed her life.
This success story that I’m talking about, is still in the making. It’s happening as we speak. It’s the story of a single mother with a clear calling and the primal drive of a hungry Lioness. It’s my story.
Despite a rather rough start, I never thought I had it bad. I am tough today because I had to be tough as a child, which I consider a major asset.
However the bullying, jealousy, judgments, shaming and I-know-what’s-right-for-you-opinions still pop up from time to time and mostly from people who are or used to be close to me.
Here are some of the broken records:
“Aren’t you too old to do this? “Maybe it’s time to give up on your dream and get a 9-5.”
“You know, it’s very competitive and very few make it.”
“What’s your deadline? What’s your plan B?”
And my favorite: “You live in La La Land!”
What exactly do they think ‘La La Land’ is?….
If you’re implying that I have to get ‘real’ and stop daydreaming, then let me tell you that I wake up before the sun rises, I pack lunches, dress my beautiful kids and bring them to school and then I grind, grind, grind! Auditions, callbacks, shoot days, meetings, dinner prep and then back at it.
I have big weights on my shoulders… the weight of the fate of three lives. Not one day goes by without me worrying about their well-being.
Aside From the physical and emotional guidance I am also responsible for showing them how it’s done…
By marching head-on toward my dreams and manifesting them while they witness it all. ALL of it.
I must lead by example… by example of courage!
Truth is, I have fears that I’m too old or too different, that I won’t ever find true love, fear of letting my kids down, fear of not being seen and heard. But I don’t let it stop me, I let it drive me harder. My fears may be valid, but so are my dreams.
Just because other people have limiting beliefs about my abilities, does not mean I have to take them on too.
So… yeah! I probably do live in La La Land… And I laugh because it really is a fabulous place to be!

Walk On

I’ve spent the first part of the day crying.

A genuine heart-breaking sob.

Then, loving birthday messages from all of you started pouring in (and it’s only noon!) and I started regaining my sanity. Partialy ok?

The land is visibly shaking and is being violated on so many levels, which is really hard to accept.

But the problem-solving part in me is screaming “OK we got fucked! what do we do now?! This degrading, anger-filled, greedy, ego driven nightmare just started! What can I do?”

Let’s give ourselves some time to mourn this and get right back to work.

Focusing on him and the hatred will not birth anything valuable.

Because clearly the soil is fucking rotten and cannot contain anything healthy.

So let’s nurse us, the people, and the land back to health first.

This is a call to all of you ‘Warriors of Love’ to join me in using the next 4 years to prepare the soil for the real “tall, solid and colorful Tree” that will then be ready to be planted.

Let’s keep spreading messages and actions of LOVE and UNITY and fulfill our life’s work by doing what we do best:


Birthday Present

As much as I wished to wake up to my birthday with an elected woman president, I am not giving up hope.

We are heartbreakingly divided and whether it’s the government or the people that cause the divide, I believe this country is the home of the most brilliant and creative people and ideas.

The fact that my entire feed is filled with disappointed people shows that I am surrounded by trail-blazing, courageous, open-minded, loving and compassionate people which I am truly grateful for.

Revolutionary changes are happening in our times.

Life as we know it will never be the same again, but it could be turned into a positive, as this historic event serves as a drastic catalyst for more urgent change.

Let’s continue to do the work we’ve committed ourselves to doing and continue to hold LOVE as the only true essence of our existence.

Sacred Land

Sacred Land

I was here before

I can smell the dusk

Which brings me deep-rooted sadness

I feel it all


Sacred Land

I fought for you

The black horse and bloody sword

Still haunt my dreams

I remember it all


Oh Sacred Land

I return once again

To find my people

And connect us all to you

I’m back for you, for who I am

And all we can jointly be 

The Story of the Warrioress

I’m right here, feeling as if I should be someplace else.

There’s a metal fence to my right and a moving train on the other side of it.

I want to be on that moving train, desperately trying to catch up, unsure if I should jump over or wait for an opening in the fence.

Hesitation ignites frustration.

They can’t see me nor hear my cries.

I can’t bear it! But I must keep going.

The patterns of the fence start changing, loosening, as I begin to remember – that I do things differently, that I don’t belong on that train, and that I’ve been on the right side of the fence all along.

I look ahead… The fence is disappearing from my periphery and the train transforms into a million particles.

Calm washes over me.

The child now trusts in the leader in me.

She can unload the burden of the illusion of responsibility and just be… Soft.

I remember why I’m walking and where I’m headed.

I follow the light of the celestial moon, calling in

Eagle – the spirit of heart and courage,

Owl – the all seeing night eagle

and all the ones who know.

In the knowing, the truth of the Warrioress is now revealed.

Ask the question

Let’s take a look at the big picture.
What happens when one cell in our body decides to selfishly exclude itself from the rest? Correct, cancer happens.
If all cells in the body work in harmonious unison, cells give and receive, we enjoy a strong and healthy body.
It’s a reflection of humanity today. We are plagued by social cancer, simply because we either dissonantly exclude ourselves or hatefully exclude others.
But there is no “them”, there’s only “us”. Do you see it? We are one global “body”.
There are Laws of Nature. An operating system. Nothing in nature takes more than it needs and it works perfectly! Look at the beauty, the harmony, the clear roles and purposes, the connections, adaptations, colors and seasons. Unfortunately we have pulled away from it. Ego has.
• • •
Well, there’s a solution against that type of cancer and that’s: GLOBAL UNITY. Love. We come from love we thrive with love and go back to love.
The same way the HEART is essential for the body to survive, LOVE is essential for humanity to thrive.

The 2 ways we can get there:
1. RUNNING AWAY FROM THE BAD: Moving ahead through a negative force that’s constantly pushing us from behind.
2. BEING DRAWN TO THE GOOD: Moving ahead through a positive force that pulls us. Taking a wild adventure by following what feels good.

One choice lets us hit rock bottom and then rise from there (for example an orange tyrant gets elected which ignites a civil war and perhaps world war, everything goes to shit, we fall, we rebuild) and the other choice…. We make a conscious decision to evolve, to tap into our Higher wisdom and to take action now by studying and working within nature’s “operating system”.

I’ve said it before… Listen to the whisper. There’s a much bigger purpose to your existence than to be on “repeat” mode.
It’s in the whisper, in the heart, in the form of love.

It’s time to ask the question.

Being vs. Doing

• • •
Teachers come in many forms and in my case often in the form of a sweet child.
I vividly remember taking this picture of my son Shia. No caption is needed since he’s clearly expressing his feelings in the moment.
He is being with it.
He isn’t asking me for anything nor is he trying to find a solution.
• •
I recall how that moment has affected me and how I used to go about my struggles at the time. I would feel frustration and still put a smile on my face, not because I was faking it or hiding my true state of heart but because I thought that taking action would make the feeling go away faster.
• •
When I keep the shutter of my camera open longer, the image is not sharp and clear as with a high shutter speed but instead it’s so incredibly rich with colors and movement, and an overall more mysterious and intriguing feel.
Why not let myself be in that frame for a bit?
Being with the sadness, vulnerability and uncertainty doesn’t mean I am powerless or lost.
By realizing this important fact and by letting go of the need to pull myself out of it, I’ve discovered a more real me, my frailties, my strengths, my greatness, and my beauty.

You know what else? It doesn’t last too long.
Shia too was up and running within minutes and didn’t look back.

Self- Care

“Mirror Mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?”

“Well… There’s another Mother who is not as selfish as you are. She doesn’t take too much ‘time for herself’, doesn’t let the kids play on their iPads just so she can get shit done and she certainly doesn’t feed them Trader Joe’s meals! Oh and she almost never yells. So I guess to answer your question is: It ain’t you.”

How can I be an advocate for self-care and judge myself for doing it at the same time? I’ve been beating myself up and was convinced that I’m the only Mother on earth doing all those “questionable” deeds. I’ve been judging myself despite the fact that the practice of self-care has saved my sanity.

The answer is simple, this contrast consists of a new habit and the insistent existence of old beliefs. The new habit is the incorporation of at least one hour a day of anything that makes me feel creative, that can charge my fast-draining battery: running, yoga, dancing in my panties, writing, reading, watching Game of Thrones, staring at the wall and/or pleasuring myself. Anything.

The old belief on the other hand, is a tiny little devil sitting on my shoulder, shaking his head in disapprovement.

FACT: Motherhood is a tough, draining job. It’s non-stop 25/7 (we wake up an hour early). We give so much of ourselves to give our cubs a pleasant childhood experience, that we end up balancing on a very thin rope. We don’t get to “go home” at the end of the day and just like any other nurturing profession, we can develop compassion fatigue. It affects our physical and mental health, relationships, and very often threatens the clarity of our purpose and the gifts we have to share with the world.

SOLUTION: Self-nourishment is imperative. Period. This isn’t a sprint, it’s more like a marathon. In other words, a monthly full-body massage will not suffice. The same way we nourish our bodies with food several times a day, it’s only fair to feed our soul DAILY, with anything that aligns our frequency with a creative one. And remember that our kids don’t learn by listening, they learn by watching us. We are leading by many courageous examples!

So let’s try this again:

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?”

“What kind of question is this? You are the hardest working woman I have ever known! You better take some time for yourself, have fun and re-energize. Your kids are going to be just fine!

And btw you look smokin’ hot in those yoga leggings and with no makeup! You’re on fire baby! You go girl!”

Nursing Circle

“The newborn has only three demands. They are warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence. Breatfeeding satisfies all three.”

– Grantly Dick-Read


Yesterday I listened to my friend talk about a large group of women in Israel, who gather in public places to nurse their children in unison with the intention of normalizing breastfeeding in public. Brilliant! Simply brilliant!

I immediately reached out to the founding Mama of the group, Adi Ramari Tsror, to find out more about their endeavors and discovered a tribe of empowering mothers who are actively and courageously changing the public’s perception of what we call “norm”.


“Ma’agal Menikot”, Hebrew for “Nursing Circle” is a growing support group, counting over 2600 members, with clear guidelines to ensure the protection of the group’s intention, which is to support nursing mothers and their needs. Not only do they gather to nurse, but they also carry a custom designed pin on their bags so they can connect with each other in random locations, which promotes a strong sense of belonging and community.

As a result of their inspiring mission, public gatherings, and country-wide expansion, hundreds of new mothers have made the choice to nurse their children, which is quite amazing!


Change may be triggered by a single person but it needs the support of many more to transform into a revolution. #normalizingbreastfeeding one day, one boob at a time.


Photo Credit: Linn Memran Photography

חתימה קטן


In my writings I have often emphasized the importance of intuition in navigating through life.

I’ve slowly developed this muscle simply by listening to the signs of my body, like the knot in my gut, the goose bumps, the subtle smell of danger.

Trusting those signs has helped me more times than I can count.

And so this is where it gets interesting… Thinking that us women, wild women are mainly the ones who are connected to our physical wisdom, I was recently truly surprised.

I had a stalker situation. The man showed up at my work place just as I finished teaching yoga. He made it look like a coincidence that we ran into each other, but to me it felt very uncomfortable and I had that knot in my gut.


In search for advice, I reached out to a male friend who is an FBI agent and said something to the extent of: “I know I need solid proof and that we can’t base it on my intuition…”, he immediately interrupted me and said, “you are doing the absolute right thing to follow your intuition. It’s one of our strongest tools as agents”.

My jaw dropped… Did I hear him correctly? An FBI agent following his intuition?! He called it the “hair on the back of his neck”.

Many small puzzle pieces aligned for me when I heard that. I instantly felt protected, empowered, not alone.

Intuition is the Universe’s way of communicating with us. It’s our physical intelligence to resource from. It’s a navigator. A compass.


Close your eyes, pay attention to how it feels, trust and allow it to guide you.